Best Places to Visit in Shidler, Oklahoma

Shidler, Oklahoma is a city located in Osage County. As of the 2020 census, the population of Shidler is 328. It was 441 at the 2010 census. If you’re planning…

Shidler, Oklahoma is a city located in Osage County. As of the 2020 census, the population of Shidler is 328. It was 441 at the 2010 census. If you’re planning a trip to the area, there are many attractions to see. These attractions include the Bivin Garden, the One Arm Bandit, Mr. John Payne, Clyde’s Shoot ‘N Shop, and more.

Bivin Garden

Bivin Garden is located a quarter mile west of Shidler, Oklahoma on Highway 11. It is a beautiful oasis that has grown to encompass six acres of landscaped gardens. This botanical garden is home to over 400 plants, including more than thirty-five species of roses. It also has ornamental ponds with fountains. There are benches and picnic tables throughout the garden, and you can even see a peacock roaming around.

There are many things to do and see in Shidler, Oklahoma. This small city is known for unique finds and locally-made products. The area around Bivin Garden is home to two different antique and secondhand stores. You can also find local products at Tender Loving Care and RoeIng In the Rust.

One Arm Bandit

When you visit Shidler, Oklahoma, you’ll be sure to enjoy its history and unique finds. In this town, you’ll find unique gifts and locally made crafts. On Cosden Avenue, you’ll find shops like RoeIng in the Rust and Tender Loving Care. And, you’ll be able to check out the famous Shidler Annual Car Show.

In Shidler, Oklahoma, you’ll also find the One Arm Bandit, one of the most acclaimed rodeo acts in PRCA history. The band’s performances will be featured at the Linn County Fair rodeo in 2022. One Arm Bandit is a Shidler, Oklahoma-based rodeo act that was formed in 1988 by cowboy John Payne. After losing his arm in a house demolition accident, he took up rodeo and began performing for local ranchers. He soon began to recruit good horses and Black Mouth Cur dogs for his performances.

Mr. John Payne

If you’re planning a trip to Shidler, Oklahoma, you might want to start by checking out Mr. John Payne, one of the oldest and most beloved residents. He has been a part of the community for years, and he is the proud owner of many beautiful antiques. In addition, he is an excellent guide for the local area.

His wife, Mary Ellen, is also a great attraction. They were married December 24, 1882, in Humboldt, Kansas, and later moved to Oregon. Their son, Alvin, passed away in June of last year. Their daughters are Mrs. Tim WALKER and John MALTSBERGER. One of the great-grandchildren is Mary Jane WALKER.

If you’re looking for a place that reflects the community’s history, Mr. John Payne is one of the best places to visit in Shidler. He is a former newspaper editor and owner. He retired from newspaper work during the World War II era. His newspaper career was turbulent and he never backed down from any issue, and he fued with many of the early political figures in the area. Today, his gravesite is located north of Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Clyde’s Shoot ‘N Shop

If you are looking for some local art, you should check out Shidler. This small town boasts a wide variety of unique finds and local crafts. You can also check out the famous Shidler Annual Car Show. The town is also known for its antique shops.

Ward Elementary School

When it comes to education, Ward Elementary School is an excellent choice. In addition to its great reputation, it is located near recreational areas, parks, and higher learning institutes. Nearby schools include prestigious schools, school districts, and universities. Visitors can tour the school, meet with its teachers, and take photos.

While Ward Elementary School ranks in the bottom half of all schools in Oklahoma for overall test scores, it is in the top half for reading proficiency. It is also ranked near the bottom 50% for math proficiency, which is below the state average. In addition, the school’s student body is predominantly Hispanic, and the school has a lower-than-average percentage of American Indian students.

Prairie Cottage Queen

Prairie Cottage Queen is a cute little house steps from the Mercantile in Shidler. It sleeps up to four and features a modern cottage-chic decor. It’s a great place to stay when you’re visiting the area with a group. One of the best things to do in Shidler is to check out the Oklahoma Mural, which is located on the downtown wall. It’s a great spot for photos and is perfect for a great Instagram post.

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