Garage Organization Ideas For Tools

One of the simplest garage organization ideas is to use tote bins. Anyone who has used a storage basket or tote knows how easy it is to misplace items when…

One of the simplest garage organization ideas is to use tote bins. Anyone who has used a storage basket or tote knows how easy it is to misplace items when they’re in an opaque bin. To keep track of what you have in your bins, use custom storage labels. They’re cheap and make the bins look more organized. You can create these labels yourself or find some on Etsy.


Garage organization ideas for tools can include using compartments to store your tools. You can buy containers, such as Tactix, that can be used to store different kinds of tools in different sections. These containers are also stackable, which means you can save space and keep your garage organized. In addition, these containers are recyclable and are quite affordable. Another option is using fabric bags. These bags can easily be placed over a 5-gallon bucket and have 30 pockets. They also have a large section at the center for large items.

To properly organize your tools, first take an inventory of the different tools that you have. Then, sort them into similar categories. You can also make use of zone storage to keep like items together. For example, you could hang a DIY storage cabinet near the table saw to keep all of your table saw tools organized.

Storage shelves are another great garage organization idea. They can help you store everything from tools to holiday decorations. You can use these to keep your tools organized, and they will also give you extra room to put things. You can buy pre-made storage bins, or you can have them custom-made based on your garage size.

You can also use bins to store items you don’t use often. To make your bins look neat and tidy, choose colors and fonts that go with everything. Another inexpensive storage option is plastic bags. They are colorful, durable, and can hold a variety of items. They are especially helpful for kids’ items.


Pegboards are a great way to organize tools in your garage. This is particularly useful in garages with limited space. A pegboard system allows you to organize your tools by how often you use them, as well as where you can reach them easily. Create a diagram of your pegboard and then hang your most-used tools near where you use them most.

Another great tool organization idea is a rolling tool caddy. These can be built in a single afternoon and are ideal for handymen. They are made of four pieces of pegboard, which are attached to a wooden frame with casters. You can even use them for storing paint rollers and chalk. You can also label each piece to keep it organized. If you are a handyman, you can even build a pegboard tool caddy that rolls!

Another great use for pegboards is in home gyms or living rooms. They are great for storing tools and accessories, and they can make a home gym look chic. Pegboards can also be painted to match a room’s decor. If you’re looking for a more elegant look for your home, try a mitered-framed pegboard. Just make sure you buffer the pegboard by adding furring strips. These strips will ensure that the hooks have enough room.

Pegboards are great for keeping power tools organized and within easy reach. They can also be used to organize gardening equipment and pots and pans. They can be found in a variety of sizes and materials. Some of the most popular types are made of galvanized steel and can handle up to 500 pounds of weight.

Overhead racks

Garage organization ideas for tools can be as simple as adding shelving. Some people use an old desk as storage in the garage. You can paint it and keep it for this purpose. Another idea is to add bookshelves so your husband can use it as a workspace. He can keep rags and cleaning supplies in these shelves.

Garage storage racks are great for storing tools and other items. They can be built with multiple levels and hold heavy items. They also make the garage look more organized. The racks should be sturdy and mounted to the wall. This will help them stay in place. For extra storage, consider using storage boxes or compartments.

You can also add racks for sports equipment. These racks come with hooks and can hold all kinds of balls. You can also hang them on the wall. This will make it easier to find them and will keep them out of the way. Another option is to purchase storage cabinets. These can be used to store gardening tools, auto parts, cleaning supplies, and more.

Another great option for tools storage is to use pegboards or walls. These can be placed against the walls of the garage. They are useful for hanging tools, and will also free up floor space. They are also great for holding heavy equipment.

Clear bins

Using clear bins as garage organization ideas for tools can make it easy to locate items quickly. They allow you to see exactly what’s in them without having to lift or push them. These containers are also ideal for seasonal items and other odd-shaped items. Aside from being durable, they also offer a good solution for keeping your garage tidy and organized.

You can also use wood pallets to store tools. They’re durable and can be placed on the floor or against a wall. However, you should use anchors to keep them upright. Clear plastic totes are another great option for storing tools. You can also label the containers if you want to simplify organization.

Garage organization can be an arduous task, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to start by de-cluttering your garage. By organizing your tools and other items by zone, you can make the garage a more functional place. For example, separate your tools, garden tools, and toys. Also, designate a pile for items you no longer need or want.

Hanging tool racks are another great garage organization idea. They’re great for storing different-sized tools and are convenient to access. Tool racks also allow you to maximize your wall space by providing new surfaces. These shelves can be used to store gardening tools, rubber gloves, and other items.

Wall-mounted storage

Adding wall-mounted storage to your garage can be a great way to organize tools and supplies. Unlike free-standing racks, wall-mounted storage can be mounted anywhere you have an empty wall. If you have a ceiling that does not support ceiling-mounted storage, you can install a free-standing rack. A free-standing rack doesn’t require mounting, but it does require some assembly. While shelves make it easier to locate items, cabinets are better for hiding things and protecting them from dust.

Magnetic wall racks are another wall-mounted storage option. These are sleek and practical, and they can store many small items. They are particularly useful for storing batteries and chargers. Unlike traditional shelves, magnetic wall racks require little space and can accommodate as many magnetic strips as you need. Open shelves are also a great option for organizing tools and supplies. These take up minimal wall space and are much more convenient if they are located near a door.

Plastic bins are also a practical garage organization idea. You can buy them in different colors and sizes and label them accordingly. Some models have clear lids, which make it easy to identify what’s inside. You can also use magnetic panels on pegboards to hold canisters when not in use. Or you can drill holes in wooden display shelves and use them as storage. You can then place small buckets in the holes for storage.

Hanging storage systems

Hanging storage systems are a great way to organize your garage. They have several levels and allow you to put heavy objects on the bottom and lighter items on the upper levels. They can be purchased ready-made or custom-made depending on your garage’s shape and size. They provide plenty of storage space and are very sturdy.

Hanging storage systems can be made of plastic bins or shelves that hang on the wall. This design allows you to mount them without drilling holes into the drywall and is also easy to reposition them as needed. A standard 24x24x12-inch cabinet is capable of holding 150 pounds. It also is coated so it will be corrosion resistant.

Using pegboard organizers is also a great option. You can paint squares on them to identify specific items. You can also attach sideways bins to these boards to stow tools and accessories that are difficult to hang. Another option is mounting a large bucket on the pegboard for easy access. This will prevent you from having to keep your hose reel on the ground.

If you do not have much space in your garage to hang storage systems, consider using coat hooks. These can be placed on walls and shelves, and provide ample storage space for small items. A simple wooden plaque can also serve as a storage system for power tools. Another inexpensive option is to hang power tools from the wall using nails. If you are limited on space, you can also use a coat rack, or buy a ready-made rack from a big box store.

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