Places to Visit in Burnsville, North Carolina

Burnsville, North Carolina, is a small town located in Yancey County. It has a population of 1,693 as of the 2010 census. There are many places to see and explore…

Burnsville, North Carolina, is a small town located in Yancey County. It has a population of 1,693 as of the 2010 census. There are many places to see and explore in Burnsville. This article will tell you about some of them.

Roaring Fork Falls

Roaring Fork Falls, also known as Roaring Creek Falls, is a waterfall located in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest. This attraction is a beautiful and unique way to experience nature. The waterfall has a secluded location that makes it perfect for a day trip.

Roaring Fork Falls is located just over a half mile from Setrock Creek Falls. Both of these waterfalls are 100 feet high and equally long, with the water bending over extended curves down a rock slide. The hike is about 1.4 miles round trip and has a gentle elevation change.

Roaring Fork Falls is located in the Pisgah National Forest just north of the Blue Ridge Parkway. A scenic trail leads to the waterfall from the parkway, near Black Mountain Campground, about an hour’s drive from Asheville. The trail is well-maintained and clearly marked, making it easy for a family to visit.

Taking a leisurely pace, it takes about 90 minutes to reach Roaring Fork Falls. If you prefer, you can linger at the waterfall for longer. You can also explore abandoned bomb shelter doors, which were used for storing explosives during WWII. While the doors were removed for safety reasons, hikers love to explore these relics.

Roaring Fork Falls is a place you can visit while visiting Burnsville, North Carolina. The waterfall is a gorgeous sight, and the surrounding forests are beautiful and incredibly lush. Its cascading waters make it a tranquil experience. Roaring Fork Falls is also a great place for hiking, and it’s located near Mount Mitchell and the Pisgah National Forest. The trail is easy to walk, with a gentle incline.

Located about 2 miles from Burnsville, Roaring Fork Falls is perfect for families with young children. It’s accessible to all skill levels, but wheelchairs are not recommended. The road is wide and well maintained, and the waterfall is well-marked.

While you’re in Burnsville, North Carolina, you can also spend a day exploring Mount Mitchell State Park and the Carolina Hemlocks Recreation Area and Campground. The park features two paved hiking trails and 36 campsites. There are also lantern posts and picnic tables. The park is located in the Appalachian District of the Pisgah National Forest.

Historic Nu Wray Inn

Historic Nu Wray Inn in Burnsville has been the host of several notable guests. Thomas Wolfe spent the night at the Inn in 1929. Other famous guests include O. Henry, Christopher Reeve, President Jimmy Carter, and even Elvis Presley. The inn has a fully-stocked dining room and cordial staff. While the Inn is now operated by a new management team, it still retains its old-fashioned charm.

The Inn is one of the oldest hotels in the area and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It first opened in 1833, a year before Burnsville was incorporated. Today, it’s a three-story clapboard colonial with 26 guest rooms and a large dining hall. The new owners, Joey Farmer and his wife, Jill, have been renovating the Inn since 2011.

The original Nu Wray Inn was built by Bacchus Smith in 1833. It originally had eight rooms for travelers. The building was purchased by Milton Penland in 1870, and the next owner, Garrett D. Ray, took over. This inn remained in the Ray family for four generations. When Julia Ray married William Wray in 1912, the name of the Inn changed to Nu Wray. After that, the building expanded to sixteen thousand square feet, with twenty-six guest rooms.

The Historic Nu Wray Inn has been home to some of the country’s most famous guests. It has hosted Mark Twain, Elvis Presley, and Jimmy Carter. The Nu Wray Inn was featured on ABC News and was also included in an architectural Digest book set entitled Classic Country Inns of America in 1978.

Antique shops

The Antique Shops in Burnsville are a great way to find vintage items. You can find everything from delicate teacups to vintage home furniture. You can even find knick-knacks and Christmas decorations. These shops are located in downtown Burnsville. You’ll find everything from furniture and decor to vintage cars, jewelry, and kitchenware.

Burnsville is nestled in the mountains, with a town square that’s worth stopping by. The town is the county seat of Yancey County and has a population of around 1,693. You can check out several unique shops in the downtown area, including the MW Studios, which is a metal and woodworking studio specializing in contemporary and eccentric furniture, sculpture, and home accessories. Owner Mark Woodham draws inspiration from artifacts and cultural icons to create his art. The studio is located in a renovated former NAPA Auto Parts store and is open to the public.

Mt Mitchell State Park

Mt Mitchell State Park is a 4,789 acre state park located in Yancey County, North Carolina. It was established by the state legislature in 1915. It was the first state park established in North Carolina and helped establish the state’s park system.

The park is home to the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, Mount Mitchell. Visitors can hike to the top of the mountain and enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding area. The park also features an observation deck and museum. Hiking trails and camping are also available.

The park is easy to find from Burnsville. It’s located south of Highway 80 and the Blue Ridge Parkway. You’ll need to take the NC 128 exit south of Milepost 355. At that point, you’ll find Mt Mitchell. There are seven hiking trails in the park, which allow you to explore the Pisgah National Forest. The park also has access to Black Mountain Campground.

The park is home to some of the best vegetation in the southern Appalachians. You’ll find red spruce, fire cherry, yellow birch, mountain ash, mountain maple, bush honeysuckle, and more. The park also offers learning and dining opportunities for visitors.

A popular waterfall near Burnsville is Setrock Creek Falls. If you’re into hiking, you can hike the scenic six-mile trail up the waterfall. The hike will take you about 4.5 hours to reach the summit and back. Another popular trail is the Old Mitchell Trail, which was the primary trail in the late 1800s. It’s two miles each way and provides views of the waterfall.

The area is also home to the largest public telescope in the Southeast. The town also has a thriving local art scene and a wide variety of shops and restaurants. There’s something for everyone in Burnsville. The area is known for being a peaceful and charming mountain town.

Mount Mitchell State Park is one of the country’s earliest state parks and is one of the most scenic. The park is open year-round and offers a multitude of hiking and biking trails, which range in difficulty and length. There’s also a museum that offers an insight into the natural history of the mountain.

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