Things to Do in Henderson, Nevada

If you’re planning a visit to Henderson, Nevada, you’ll find that there are a lot of great attractions to enjoy. You’ll find everything from a lake to a river mountain…

If you’re planning a visit to Henderson, Nevada, you’ll find that there are a lot of great attractions to enjoy. You’ll find everything from a lake to a river mountain loop trail. Whether you’re a history buff or simply enjoy being outdoors, Henderson has something to offer you.

Lake Las Vegas

If you’re a big water sports enthusiast, Henderson’s lake is the perfect spot to practice your sailing and water sports skills. Alternatively, you can visit the famous Sunset Station Casino, which has an opulent palace and offers a taste of Las Vegas without having to leave town.

The city’s Clark County Heritage Museum is located on 30 acres and features thousands of artifacts from the area’s history. The exhibits cover everything from the early Indian tribes to the influence of the railroad, mining, and gambling. Highlights include a 1932 train depot and an 1898 Dewy slot machine.

The city is also home to several museums, parks, and shopping centers, making it a great destination for visitors. For families, there are several activities to choose from, including a scenic bike ride through the city, feeding lions at the Lion Habitat Ranch, enjoying a water park, and taking a spa treatment at the Lake Las Vegas Resort.

Visitors can enjoy a hike on Henderson’s lakes. Several miles of hiking trails hug the waters edge, providing access to many popular attractions. The trails are also convenient for getting around the city. In addition to hiking, cycling, and water sports, Lake Las Vegas is home to two luxury resorts.

River Mountain Loop Trail

The River Mountain Loop Trail is a 34-mile long, multi-use trail that connects Henderson and Boulder City to Lake Mead. It’s an ideal route for walkers and cyclists alike. The trail has several trailheads, and mile markers are located at various points along the route. The trail is surrounded by rolling hills and the surrounding mountains, but rarely becomes steep. It’s also home to the largest population of bighorn sheep in Nevada.

The trailhead is located off Equestrian Drive, on the southern side of Henderson. It has restrooms and a small parking lot. The trailhead is adjacent to the Equestrian Park. Along the trail is a picnic table and a water fountain. Nearby is the Railroad Crossing Casino.

The River Mountain Loop Trail is an easy hike for anyone looking for a beautiful backdrop. There are multiple trailheads along the route, and it’s paved to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. You can even bike to the trailhead or drive a car to start exploring. The route is approximately 34 miles long and winds along the lake. The Loop Trail provides spectacular views of the Las Vegas valley. The loop trail also parallels the historic Boulder City/State of Nevada tourist railroad. You can also connect this trail with the new Henderson UPRR trail and the Clark Country Wetland Nature Preserve.

Besides providing an enjoyable walk, the River Mountain Loop Trail also provides educational opportunities. Several interpretive wayside exhibits have been created. The interpretive plan identifies 18 interpretive themes. The majority of the exhibits will be installed in Spring 2010 and will offer a variety of educational experiences along the trail. The trail also has informational kiosks at six existing trailheads. In addition, additional trailheads are planned.


Shopping in Henderson, Nevada offers a suburban feel. The city is home to several shopping malls and the Sam’s Town Casino. Whether you’re looking for some bargains or to buy a few new items, Henderson is a great place to go. You’ll find a wide variety of stores and restaurants, and many locations offer discount coupons and exclusive deals.

Eastgate Plaza is one of the most popular shopping areas in Henderson, Nevada. This center is home to both big box stores like Walmart and smaller specialty stores where you can find items at lower prices. It’s also home to popular fast-food restaurants, including In-N-Out Burger. Nearby, you can also find the Sunset Station Casino.

Bed Bath & Beyond is another good place to find gifts for your family and friends. The store features a great selection of gifts and offers a gift registry. You can create a registry for a baby shower, anniversary, or housewarming celebration. It’s a great place to find unique gifts for your loved ones.

Another good place to shop is the Galleria at Sunset. This mall features several hundred stores and many restaurants. It’s located just a few miles from the Las Vegas strip. The Galleria is one of the few enclosed malls in the Las Vegas Valley that is not an outlet mall. It has a two-story “Y” layout and boasts Southwestern décor. Its interiors feature indoor fountains.


Visit Henderson, Nevada for its cultural attractions. The Clark County Museum displays the history of the area, and you can tour restored vintage homes. The Lion Habitat Ranch is a great place to see big cats. You can also visit Lake Mead, which is dotted with marinas and surrounded by rocky mountains and valleys. Nearby Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area features 300 ancient rock art panels.

The Clark County Heritage Museum covers 30 acres and features thousands of artifacts. It features exhibits about the early Indian tribes that lived in the area, the railroad influence, mining, gambling, and other aspects of the area. It even features a 1932 Boulder City train depot and an 1898 Dewy slot machine.

If you are traveling with kids, don’t miss the Cowabunga Bay theme park. This park is one of only two in the US. The rides and activities here are sure to make the entire family happy. The park has several thrilling rides, as well as quieter pools. You can even go tubing on a raft.

Another popular attraction in Henderson is Spring Canyon. It features great hiking and camping opportunities. It also boasts amazing wildlife. The Stripeaches and Lake Mead are nearby.

Special events

If you want to have fun in Henderson, Nevada, there are plenty of events to choose from. The city offers a variety of social events, including seasonal gatherings and annual favorites. Whether you are looking for entertainment at an art festival, a concert, or a concert series, there are many ways to find the right event for you.

Hoover Dam

There are many attractions in Henderson, including the Hoover Dam and Lake Las Vegas. Visitors can also enjoy a number of weekend water activities. The lake is home to a plethora of luxury homes and resorts, including the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort. Sailing is also popular.

The colossal manmade reservoir has been a popular attraction for outdoor enthusiasts for decades. The reservoir’s waters make for an excellent backdrop for hiking, canoeing, and fly-fishing. For those who like to get close to nature, Henderson offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching.

The Clark County Museum contains fascinating exhibits about the history of Southern Nevada. You can see how the region developed over time, from mining to agriculture to residential life. A 140-acre bird viewing preserve is another excellent place to get up close to a variety of birds. It’s located along the Pacific Migratory Flyway, which connects North and South America.

Visitors can also take a trip to the Hoover Dam bridge, which is made of 16 million pounds of steel and 30,000 cubic yards of concrete. It’s one of the widest of its kind in the western hemisphere. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can even walk across the bridge and take a photo of the impressive structure.

Located near the Hoover Dam, Henderson is also home to an award-winning trail system. There are bocce and basketball courts, community parks, and a tennis complex. You’ll be able to find many great outdoor activities in Henderson, from exploring the lion habitat to taking a ride on a paddle boat on Lake Las Vegas.

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