Things to Do in Motley, Minnesota

In the summer, you can spend your days enjoying music in the park. This community is home to several live theater productions and acclaimed choral and instrumental concerts. You can…

In the summer, you can spend your days enjoying music in the park. This community is home to several live theater productions and acclaimed choral and instrumental concerts. You can also try out a local coffee shop, or go on a bike ride. If you’re visiting this Minnesota town, be sure to check out all the fun activities! In addition to these activities, you can also enjoy some time on the Central Minnesota trail.

Staples at Railroad Days

The Staples Motley Chamber of Commerce will present a Railroad Days Celebration Aug. 20-23 in Staples, Minnesota. The celebration will feature events like a medallion hunt and community-wide garage sales. In addition, the Staples Historical Society will host a book sale in the Depot.

The depot in Staples is located near the BNSF main line and Highway 10. It was built in the early 20th century by the Northern Pacific Railway Company. It was larger than nearby towns because it was a division point and needed a large office space for the railroad’s employees. Today, the ticket office serves Amtrak passengers. In mid-2012, the Staples-Motley Chamber of Commerce relocated to the renovated ticket office.

Barn Quilt Trail

The Barn Quilt Trail in Motley, Minnesota, is a growing attraction for art lovers and history buffs. The trail features more than 40 barn quilts created by local artists. The quilts are created using two-by-two-foot boards, which are mounted on barns using a bucket truck borrowed from an electrical cooperative. The boards are primed and painted before being hung. Organizers hope to expand the trail and inspire other townspeople to participate. The number of patterns could double if more people get involved.

Barn quilts are unique works of art that celebrate the role of women in agriculture. They are often painted on large squares of wood, and have a rich history in rural areas of the U.S. Barn quilts have been a source of inspiration for quilters since the mid-1800s. In addition to highlighting the contribution of women to agriculture, barn quilts are a popular way to commemorate special occasions. Barn quilt trails are becoming increasingly popular as tourist destinations, and can be found in more than thirty states and in Canada.

The Barn Quilt Trail in Motley, Minnesota was started in October 2015. The Staples Motley Area Community Foundation donated grant funds and the FFA constructed seven barn quilts. The Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative also contributed to the project and hung some of the larger ones. Over the past two years, the Barn Quilt Trail has grown and now features over 35 quilts throughout four counties in MN.


Motley is known for its great fishing lakes and streams. Some of these lakes and streams have Redbreast Sunfish and Redear Sunfish, among others. There are also excellent fly-fishing lakes and streams in Motley, as well as baitcasting opportunities. The city also offers a number of fishing packages.

Lake of the Woods is one of the most popular lakes in the area. It is home to a wide variety of fish and is popular all year round. It is also ranked as one of the top 10 lakes in the state. Those looking for a trophy-sized catch should try their luck at this lake.


Whether you’re looking for a scenic walk or a brisk jog, there are a number of opportunities to explore the city of Motley. The city’s grid is a mix of older homes and newer student housing complexes. You can even enjoy peaceful river views while enjoying a walk through the streets. Walking in Motley means being surrounded by nature and the amenities you’d expect from a metropolitan city.


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