Using Bath Salt to Detoxify

Using Bath Salt to Detoxify Dead Sea bath salts are a wonderful experience. It is not only relaxing but also rejuvenating and revitalizing. There is nothing that can match the…

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Using Bath Salt to Detoxify

Dead Sea bath salts are a wonderful experience. It is not only relaxing but also rejuvenating and revitalizing. There is nothing that can match the bliss and relaxation that come from taking a refreshing dip in a warm, crystal clear pool. Along with the joy comes the need to know where to buy dead sea salts. You will also find out which of these amazing products you should use.

Before you buy dead sea salt it is important to understand how the various salts are harvested and transformed into this amazing bath product. The harvesting is an ancient and time honored process which takes millions of years. During the harvesting process minerals like sulfur, potassium and sodium are separated from the seawater. This mineral content is known as Dead Sea Salt. After the minerals have been separated the water is pumped back into the ocean which replenishes the ocean’s depleted water supply.

As mentioned above the water that is pumped back into the ocean replenishes the water supply but this process also depletes the minerals from the seawater. These minerals are essential for the proper function of all of the cells in the body so this depleting process needs to be halted. The Dead Sea salt is then chemically reactivated and converted back into a salt. The bath salt is then called Dead Sea salt. There are many therapeutic properties associated with Dead Sea salts including the treatment of: dry skin, hair loss, respiratory infections, sinus problems, arthritis, joint pain, hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, eczema and many other ailments. There are even studies which indicate that using Dead Sea salt in combination with vitamins and nutrients can enhance fertility and increase the rate at which your body produces new cells.

All of these benefits are attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of the salts. The salt is effective in both reducing inflammation as well as in detoxifying the body. When you take a warm shower you are taking in a mixture of the chemicals and salt while your body is also expelling the toxins from your cells. It is these toxins which are the ones which are causing the inflammation and pain to your body and these relaxing properties are working to eliminate any pain and increase the overall effectiveness of your detoxifying efforts.

Of course, using Dead Sea salts in conjunction with other healing methods should be done in accordance with your medical professional’s advice. You should never exceed the amount of Dead Sea salt or other mineral content which has been infused into your water supply. In some cases you may find that the dead sea salt is not adding enough of the specific minerals to meet your needs however. This is why you should consult with your doctor before you begin any type of detoxifying or cleansing program.

While there is no universal consensus on the beneficial effects of Dead Sea salt and other natural minerals, it is a safe assumption that these can help enhance overall wellness. It has also been suggested that taking a shower with Dead Sea salt will increase the amount of magnesium contained in your body as well as the amount of sodium. While it is not yet proven whether these two minerals and magnesium have any effect on one’s health, taking a bath with them may help increase your overall magnesium content in the body. The same bath and water combination has also been proven to help increase sodium in the system. While this is not to infer that it will have the same effect on sodium, it may help to increase the overall stability of your blood and fluid levels.

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